Almost Time


It’s almost time…for so many things. The solstice, my birthday, Christmas, and the finishing of this current novel.

Snow glitters on the ground, a sight I love to see. Soon we will have the longest night of the year. It’s a special time, one in which you can let go of the old, and embrace a new time. Most do this with the ending of the year, but the solstice is a far better time to do it.

Christmas quickly follows, and it is always a crazy time. On the eve, we visit with my ‘adopted’ family. We wake, and do the usual things, then go for a drive way past the town of Kakabeka Falls. Family time ensues, and before you know it, you are drained and wanting sleep.

It is my hope that this Christmas break I will be able to do all the finishing touches I need to do. I finally finished the rough draft of this novel, and already have much done with it. Still, it needs a lot more revising before I will be able to send it off to the editors. (aka cry time)

With the snow on the trees, and beautiful lights on homes, it is easy to let the world slip by, and forget so many things. I find much inspiration this time of year. Good and bad flourish, which makes my writing life easy. Observation is a key component to most writers, myself included.

So I will sit. I will listen, watch, and hope for great things to happen to my little part of the world. It might be wishful thinking, but I can still hope. After all, it’s almost time…for anything.


And then it snows…


Otherwise known as; Musings on a snowy day.

Today we received our first snowfall. It is ridiculously windy, and the snow is wet, but it has arrived! I prefer low wind, and a light dusting for a first snowfall. I must remember to speak with Mother Nature on this.

Some people feel secluded when the first snow comes, especially if they are far from home. I find it makes your heart feel a little lighter if you think about all the happy and amazing things a snowfall brings. Memories abound in my mind when I see snow. (New ones created today when my puppy saw his first snow. Jury is still out on his feelings about it.)

I think about times past. My children all bundled up to go play, myself sliding down my neighbours little hill at camp, and way back when I used to not be chubby and went skiing. Building snowmen, and forts. These things still happen actually, and although I’m certain most people think “I’m too old for that kind of stuff”, I say, you are as old as you want to be. I have pointed out many times that us adults need to spend more time with kids. Winter is no exception!

To me, and my strange imagination, people will describe this event in 2 ways:

The cold, white kiss of death clung to the ground, and refused to give way. I felt it right through to my soul, and wondered if I would ever again know joy and warmth. It is the destroyer of life, and keeps everyone hiding in their homes, praying for warmer, brighter days.


As I gazed at the soft, white blanket covering the ground, I felt my heart grow warmer. Hugging the ground with its protecting embrace, I felt joy in knowing that everything was now at rest. Months would go by, and nature would slumber until finally the snow retreated, allowing the cycle to begin again.

Which one do you feel you relate to most? I’m the latter. I apologize for the way I describe things. My imagination likes to run wild, and I find it to be wonderful and odd.

This snowfall comes at a perfect time. Writing, at the moment, is about a wet, misty time of war, with snow hiding on the outskirts. The characters are feeling both those descriptions, and it always helps me get in the mood when the weather outside matches a part I am writing. (now to kill off a popular character)

However you look at this time of year, try and make some light of it all. A little bit of silliness tends to brighten the day. Perhaps, throw a snowball at someone? (make certain it’s a someone who is ok with that kind of thing)

(I should also point out I’m a winter baby. A true one who enjoys snow, and doesn’t mind if the weather gets a bit cold.)

I Believe


Why do we stop believing? Why does our imagination go to sleep, and rarely show itself?

Today I began outlining a part of my next novel, and for some reason this popped into my head. Why?

Why do we allow the magic of this world to fade?

We reach a certain age, and begin to hear ‘it’s time to grow up – take on some responsibilities’. I say poppycock! The two do not have to go hand in hand. Yes you need to be responsible, and make tough decisions: be an adult. What does that have to do with growing up?

There needs to be more magic in our lives. Go back to days laying in a bed of wildflowers, listening to fairies giggle all about you. Days where your decisions depended on a daisies petals. Creating bouquets from dandelions. Rain never stopped anything from happening, only changed what was going on.

I remember picking up a stick and pretending it was a wand. “Grow taller” I would order a tree, and it would respond by stretching even higher into the sky. Standing on a cliff I would demand the wind blow harder, and it would make certain to act accordingly.

So dance in the rain! If you take children to a park, play with them. Stare at the clouds, and create a world of your own within the shapes. Use a daisy to make a choice. Play and laugh.

Bring back magic lost. You just might be better for it.

Trying Something New


I would like to start by saying, I hate daylight savings.

So last week, after thinking about it for quite a few months, I decided to launch a newsletter. Too often I get told, from many people, that they wished I posted contests and stuff. My reply: I always do them, and they are on FB. Well low and behold, barely anyone pays attention to my Facebook Page. I’m stunned.

These revelations led me to decide to do this newsletter. If you are interested in signing up, just go to my website, and a pop up will ask you to sign up. This has to be done on an actual computer or tablet. I had to deactivate it for mobile. Messing up things. If you only have your phone, go to the contacts tab, and send me a note saying you wish to sign up. See..easy.

One thing to note; this is a quarterly newsletter. So you won’t be getting things every week demanding you buy my books, or other such nonsense, with the first one coming in April. My plan is to have little tidbits of info in each one, along with plans for giveaways. Pretty much all things Melarandra. Of course, if there are things you would like to see, let me know!

So go, sign up, support ridiculous ideas.