And Now For The Fourth Installment


For many months you have been annoyed with my ramblings about the fourth novel in my series. Well, on May 20th, it became available. So this means I am going to annoy you all even more!

This novel continues the adventures Koral and Eric embark on. The two are growing up now, and so the story evolves along with them. I still don’t like it, and am patiently waiting to hear opinions from others. As always, it is available in eBook, and print. Hit up the website if you are interested.

I have begun working on book 5, which will be the last one in this particular timeline. (Don’t worry, the next novels still contain the characters you have grown to love, I just move them a little ahead in life. Of course it will be a while before you even have to think about this stuff.)

I expect book 5 to be an absolute pain to write, and see crying in my future. Alright, more like a lot of swearing.

Yes, book 4 is now available, and awaiting your remarks.

OK, wishful thinking, but perhaps one day people will start leaving reviews on the sites where they picked up my books. If you got it from someone, just hit up Goodreads!


It’s Springtime..I think


Spring has sprung in Northwestern Ontario. This means a day will hit 20C, and the next will be 4C with snow. We have it better than some areas this year, which makes it easier to get outside.

Outside – sigh – my favourite place to be. There is something magical about the wind blowing through the trees, and listening to small waves crash softly onto the shore. Lake Superior itself is a magical entity.

It’s so strange to think how much inspiration comes from this area I live in. We have farm lands mixed into lush forest, an amazing water fall (Kakabeka Falls), not to mention the Sleeping Giant and of course, Lake Superior.

In the novel I am outlining now, you get introduced to the Fallen Giant mountain, and a strange, yet beautiful, waterfall. Yes, I’ve stolen both from my daily life. You write what you know! Strange new things come up, and I am making them reflect closer to home than in any other novel. If you live around here, you might notice.

The Saviour’s Empire is out there for pre-order. Release date is set for June 15th, but that is for eBook. Printed, on Amazon, is already available to USA and UK residents. In Canada, you can order it and it will be sent to you when it’s available. If you wait, it should be up by the end of May.
Also, from April 23rd until May 7th you can enter to win 1 of 5 signed copies on Goodreads. (open to USA and Canada) Check out my media, and website, on the 23rd for the link.

Yes I have stated I hate this novel, and I don’t know why, but it is what it is supposed to be. (that makes sense to me ok) I love the character development, the new areas, and all it entails, but something about it annoys me. *sigh*

Regardless of my opinion, I hope everyone enjoys it!

So get out, get inspired, and do something amazing!!!

Another One Done


Well, book 4 is now being finalized. As always, when I finish a book, I find it to be not as great as it once was. In this case, I don’t think I ever liked it.

I know it’s strange to say that. I loved writing this book. It was a huge challenge, however, the end result is sort of…blah. A large amount was removed, and no matter how I looked at it, it felt like something was missing. I did what was suggested, and find this end result to be wanting. I have a personal word count I insist on maintaining, and this one is under by a landslide. Still, it is what it should be. Perhaps if I could afford an awesome editor, they would have pointed something out. One day! For now, I will leave the true judging to my readers.

I have already begun book 5. It will be the last in this particular timeline, and I already can see it being epic. I worry though. After book 4 turning out to be what it is, I wonder if I’ve lost my touch. I’m certain many out there think this way. It’s frustrating.

Writer’s block hasn’t been an issue for me, yet. I do, however, suffer from too much information flying about at once. Usually I just write it all down, and see where it fits as I’m writing. So far, this has been the case for book 5. My notebook is filling up with where I want this to go, and the file itself is growing.

Don’t worry. Book 5 doesn’t end the characters we’ve come to love/hate, they just live for a time without quests or other silliness getting in the way. (Book 6 already has an outline) Once this one is done, I plan on working on the Order of Maget Trilogy. Now that is going to be a fun ride! (by fun I mean ridiculously difficult and an absolute awesome time)

Look for book 4, The Saviour’s Empire. It will be released on June 15th. I have already planned a giveaway on Goodreads, which will run April 23rd until May 7th. You win an advanced signed copy. The least I can do for something so weird and annoying as this book!

I hope most who read it, enjoy it.

Trying Something New


I would like to start by saying, I hate daylight savings.

So last week, after thinking about it for quite a few months, I decided to launch a newsletter. Too often I get told, from many people, that they wished I posted contests and stuff. My reply: I always do them, and they are on FB. Well low and behold, barely anyone pays attention to my Facebook Page. I’m stunned.

These revelations led me to decide to do this newsletter. If you are interested in signing up, just go to my website, and a pop up will ask you to sign up. This has to be done on an actual computer or tablet. I had to deactivate it for mobile. Messing up things. If you only have your phone, go to the contacts tab, and send me a note saying you wish to sign up. See..easy.

One thing to note; this is a quarterly newsletter. So you won’t be getting things every week demanding you buy my books, or other such nonsense, with the first one coming in April. My plan is to have little tidbits of info in each one, along with plans for giveaways. Pretty much all things Melarandra. Of course, if there are things you would like to see, let me know!

So go, sign up, support ridiculous ideas.

Reading – Genre’s – blah blah blah


Couldn’t come up with an interesting title for this blog, so that’s what you get!

For those of you who have been following my constant ramblings, you know I write fantasy. As a kid, I read many different kinds of books, and some were fantasy. However, I loved mystery. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys; loved them! My sister was into Sweet Valley High, so I read all those too. Choose your own adventure were awesome as well, and it goes on.

I believe mystery was thanks to my Nana. She loved them! As I got older, I read Agatha Christie, and never figured out who did it. There was also Ellery Queen; those were wonderful reads. Even a few Sherlock Holmes crossed my path. I actually wrote a mystery short story in high school. When it was finished, I used it as fire starter. I didn’t do that because I thought it was terrible, I wrote it, read it, went ok now what, and burnt it. Don’t ask, it was how I work. (luckily I don’t do that So many different authors came through, but later in life, I got into fantasy.

I always lived in a fantasy world. Spent my summers at camp (for you non-NWO people, cottage or lake) Barely any technology, so you relied on your imagination to get you through the day. I remember walking through the woods, singing to the trees. Or days where I conversed with the wind, and listened to the bubbling song from the creek. The spirits of the earth are strong when you are away from the bustle of life. So easy to see the magic in the world too.

I don’t know many people who actually read fantasy. I also don’t expect them to start just because I write it. I do, however, wish those who bash it, and sci-fi, would give it a chance. The only genre I don’t like is romance, but I don’t go around ridiculing it. I’m aware it’s just not my thing.

So go and read, or imagine. Anything to spark your mind in a way your day to day life can’t. Amazing things can happen.

Wish I Could Hide In My World


Right now, I really do. Melarandra is at war in one area, and most others aren’t safe at all. In my world, however, it would be far easier to find a cabin in the woods, and hide out there. Here, people wonder where you went, and it turns into a big deal. Probably why I love to write. I can turn into a crazy recluse, and it’s all good.

Hiding in a cabin, in the woods…how wonderful that sounds. Strolling through the trees, listening to birds chirp. Or sitting by a stream, and hearing the soft babbling. Are they really birds? Or elves signalling your passage? What is the stream saying? Come take a dip, it will ease your soul. Then head home, curl up in front of a fire, and watch the flames dance. Warm cup of tea in hand, and perhaps a book, or paper to jot down your day. Better yet, a thunderstorm hits. The booming and crashing wakes your imagination even more, then passes leaving the soft drum of raindrops on the roof, lulling you to sleep. So many ways it can wake your imagination.

Oh to find that sense of peace, even for a moment. To only have to focus on the now, and not the future. What a wonderful idea that is!



Creating Melarandra


Creating a fantasy world is easy, and seriously difficult. It is an enigma, and I am having a groovy time with it. I wish I could remember how I came up with the name. As with most of the names, places, and even story ideas, I probably woke up at 3am and went “hey that’s a great idea!” Muses are jerks.

To make my world, I read up on things. Finally I decided it was a fantasy world, what is up with rules? My world does not follow our world guidelines. Why would it? It is a fantasy. I just went with what I thought suited the first story, and elaborated on that. My search engine is filled with ideas on torture, war techniques, and other things of the sort. Beginning the world was easy!

People though…ugh. In books based in our world, you can search out people and their families. I made mine up. Deciding to do the Order of Maget Trilogy (one year soon) made me have to go deeper than I had originally done. Royal families needed to be created back further than I was going to have listed. 500 years worth. They now have names, how long they ruled, and who succeeded them. With having 2 royal lines who can rule, it made it even more fun. Probably why I have it down to one now. Easier to follow! I also had to create the head of the Maget Order for the 500 span it existed. (Looking forward to writing the trilogy.)

I know how the bloodlines continue from where book 1 starts. Not all have names of yet. I tend to have those pop into my head at the strangest of times. Kind of like storylines. I will be writing and poof, how I will link it into a book 2 away from the one I’m doing. It’s crazy, and a lot of fun…ish.

Now it’s down to who dies, who lives, and who goes a little crazy because of it all. It really never stops, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.