It’s Going To Be A Long Winter


Once again the snow is attempting to grace us. The next few days we should get a bit of a dusting, but who knows if it will stay. The temperature is dropping a little more each day, and more people begin to stay inside their cozy homes.

My job allows me to enjoy the days growing quieter. More often I watch the fallen leaves flow by on the winds, instead of watching for people. There is no need in the mid-afternoon. Of late, my thoughts dwell in unhappy places, so it is nice to get out and let nature bring harmony to my mind.

Too many things going on, and I can only control a few. It is 100% my fault that my latest novel is so far behind. Due to recent events in life, I doubt I will be getting back on track any time soon. As snow is inevitable in my area of the world, so is life taking dark turns.

I try to find solace in my fantasy world. Most days, all I need to do is write something happy, and it changes my outlook. Others need a little more, so I take to nature, and the perfection it is, to draw the dark thoughts away.

It isn’t working so well today, so here I am, attempting to bring light to my sad soul. Perhaps the magic within the snow will help.


At That Stage Of Life


I’m certain I’ve rambled about this before, but this month has brought it up again. This stage of life.

I’m 43. Middle aged, not quite admitting the downhill slide I’m supposed to be on. (Fyi – a number doesn’t define me, my life does) One thing I cannot get away from, is losing those a generation or 2 ahead of me. This stage of life, those who brought inspiration to others, begin to leave this world.

At the beginning of the month, my husband’s uncle was taken by Parkinson’s. He was a teacher back in the day, and I am certain one who inspired many. Last week, my great-aunt Helen, aged 95, passed away. (In Alaska no less!) Talk about a wandering spirit! Again, I can believe she inspired many souls.

These days, I wonder how many names will show up in obituaries that I will recognize. Parents of old friends, teachers who made me think differently. Even family I have forgotten.

One never knows when your time is up. It’s something we cannot control. All I hope for, is to have lived, not just existed, when my time comes.

Do Your Thing


Yes I have rambled about this before, but it is something that bothers me.

Once again I heard the ridiculous comment “You’re doing it wrong”. (Ok, I read it on another’s post.) It pertained to the way a person wrote a mystery novella. I haven’t read it yet, but I can tell you this, they wrote it just right!

According to many, MANY, people and sites, there are rules you are expected to follow. It really annoys me. There is only your way. If you are confident, and comfortable, with how you do things, keep on doing it!

I will give an example that actually pertains to me. I hate indented paragraphs. I find they look sloppy, and make the paragraph have an unfinished feel to it. Apparently, indenting is the proper way to go. I say F. U. I like the spaces. It gives it a more finished look. I will always do it this way, and if that is the one thing you constantly find wrong with my writing, you have issues. My work has TONS more wrong with it!

Honestly, if you spend more time searching the “right way” to produce your manuscript, you have more to worry about. Ramble on paper. Let your muse flow. Don’t worry about how it looks, that is why you get another set of eyes to glance at it. However, stick to your guns about parts you really do not want changed. This is your work. You poured your life into it, so make certain you keep it yours. Follow your heart, but listen to your mind.

Do your own thing.

I Love Fantasy


My world is fantasy, real and what I write. Going for a walk down a forest path, listening to all the sounds around you, is something out of a fairy tale. You can’t help but feel like you are a part of something magical.

I’ve always felt an attachment to the forest around here, the water, the earth itself I guess. That’s probably why when I was first introduced to fantasy novels, I fell in love with elves and dragons. Dragons soared high above the clouds, and dominated the skies. Elves were in tune with nature. The forest trees and creatures would come to them at a moments call, offering whatever they could.

If you have read my novels, there is a god known as the Earth Mother. Not an unusual or different character. Something like this pops up in many fantasy worlds. For me, it is like she explains my feeling since I was a child. That something lived in the dirt beneath my feet. Creating this sort of essence you could feel in the trees, a voice on the wind speaking to you. All these things I felt around me walking through the woods around my camp. (for you non-NWO people, camp is like a cottage, cabin or heading to the lake kind of deal)

Camp is where I found myself each summer. Explored new places, and felt closer to the world around me. It is where my love for fantasy truly began.



I feel very lucky to have had that kind of inspiration since I was a youth. I hope everyone who reads my novels feel as if they are a part of my silly little world, and find something that reminds them to believe in magic.

What I want


Want, desire, crave, need, no matter which way you say it, this is how most of the world appears to view everything. I want this, I deserve this, and so on. It’s really quite sad, however, such is the way of things.

What do I want? Wish? Dream? So many things. I wish I could sit on a deck, and look over a body of water, while I write. Nothing relaxes, and inspires, me more than listening to the waves roll softly onto the shore. I crave solitude in my daily life. I’m one who can own a home far away from the bustle of the real world, and be quite happy. This is a goal. I dream of having a personal library. A place where I can get lost in different worlds, and yes, I want it too.

I wish I could take my husband on a trip. We have one planned out which goes from here to Nova Scotia, then down to Boston where we would watch a hockey or baseball game. One day, it will be a reality, sadly other things in life take priority. Because of this, I have made it one of my writing goals. When I hit so many books sold, I am taking him on this trip.

I dream of a world where people take care of their community, instead of ignoring the issues. Poverty, homeless, all get ignored. Instead people worry about whether or not they can get their children a new gaming system. I think about the children who wonder if they will eat.

So what do I want? Everything. However, it is up to me, and only me, to make this happen.