A Whisper From The Wind


Today I am lucky to have another sunny morning, with a light breeze. Where I live, a light breeze is welcome. (the lake likes to give us gusting wind) The soft kiss on my cheek to let me know the wind blowers are still about. One should never take the wind blowers for granted.

They are brothers and sisters, in a constant battle for supremacy. Some days they work in unison, but usually they like to fight. Just watch the clouds as they float by. Some are pushed one way, and other the opposite. “Don’t push your clouds to me,” they holler at each other. Us mortals only hear it as wind whistling through the trees. Sometimes they rage, and if you are on the sea, you suffer the wrath.

I enjoy when the breeze is about. My windchimes tell dark spirits to stay away, and help fairies flit about the petals of my flowers. When a dandelion is ready to burst its white seeds, a breeze helps them dance. “Farewell” say the fairies, for it is they who nurtured the dandelion to this point. They are sad for only a breath, for more flowers require their attention.

Today I will listen to the whispers. The wind has many stories, and if you listen with your imagination, you might be lucky enough to hear one.


Wish I Could Hide In My World


Right now, I really do. Melarandra is at war in one area, and most others aren’t safe at all. In my world, however, it would be far easier to find a cabin in the woods, and hide out there. Here, people wonder where you went, and it turns into a big deal. Probably why I love to write. I can turn into a crazy recluse, and it’s all good.

Hiding in a cabin, in the woods…how wonderful that sounds. Strolling through the trees, listening to birds chirp. Or sitting by a stream, and hearing the soft babbling. Are they really birds? Or elves signalling your passage? What is the stream saying? Come take a dip, it will ease your soul. Then head home, curl up in front of a fire, and watch the flames dance. Warm cup of tea in hand, and perhaps a book, or paper to jot down your day. Better yet, a thunderstorm hits. The booming and crashing wakes your imagination even more, then passes leaving the soft drum of raindrops on the roof, lulling you to sleep. So many ways it can wake your imagination.

Oh to find that sense of peace, even for a moment. To only have to focus on the now, and not the future. What a wonderful idea that is!



Spring Writing


I’m not certain why, but I find myself coming up with new ideas more often in the spring. Perhaps it’s because spring is a time for renewal. Many people set new goals, most being weight loss ones that weren’t kept as a resolution. I like to plan my writing.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous as of late in my crazy northwestern Ontario part of the world. I spend a lot of time outside, and all around I find inspiration. My 3rd novel is almost complete, and now I need to decide what to do next. The 4th novel is already laid out, but then I have 2 trilogies, as well as a few little novels, that I want to write. I need a clone. All take place in Melarandra, but soon ones will happen that don’t have anything to do with the characters everyone knows now. (Well, those who have actually read the books know anyway. The rest of you have a basic understanding due to my repetitive ramblings on here.)

Have you ever just sat outside and stared at the clouds going by? It was something many of us did as kids, but I recommend it in adulthood. Sometimes you need to get back to the basic life you had as a child. The innocent ideas and silly games, how I miss them. Of course I have the maturity level of a cat, so I still do all these things. However, not as much as I should.

As a fantasy writer, I get to play make-believe. I have imaginary friends, and yes they do tell me to do stuff. Mostly it’s not to kill them off, but sometimes they just have to go. (especially the yappy ones) I believe in fairies, elves and dragons. I can listen to a creek pouring over pebbles and hear a story being told, or a song being sung by the wind blowing through the trees. Flowers whisper their secrets to me when I’m laying among them.

Get out an enjoy spring, you may be inspired to do something amazingly creative!

My World – come visit!

Inspiration, imagination and a little bit of What The Hell Am I Doing!


I ask myself that last one a lot. What am I doing? Writing? Or at least attempting to, I guess. Then putting it out there for people to see! I must be mad! No one is ever going to buy my craptacular (love using this) novels!

I will never be considered a great, or even good, author. I’m average. Yet, I will keep creating, and putting them out there. I’m addicted now, and just can’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I have an over active imagination. My husband makes jokes about how I always look like I’m figuring things out and plotting. It’s true, so I really can’t beat him for stating it. I have a notebook nearby so I can jot down the new ideas I keep getting. Right now it’s re-writes for the novella, and chapter ideas for the 3rd book. I also try to create links I can use for the 4th book, and so on. I do have outlines for 4, 5 and 6 already. The ideas may change as the 3rd slowly comes along. Things usually do!

My inspiration, as I have said many times, is the world around me. From the first memory I had about being outdoors, until now. This area I live in is amazing. I do have a new inspiration though, my aunt. She is a real published, legit author. (novel Meadowlark comes out Sept 15th) My dad’s side of the family has all sorts of artsy types. My life was filled with music and singing. (I suck at it, but love to do it anyway) I didn’t know she had written a book, and went through all the fun steps with agents, publishing house etc. I found out after I had decided to self publish my first one. I am in awe at how awesome her book sounds, and can’t wait to read it!

I should clarify, she is nothing like me! Her first draft is what my finished novel looks like. She writes a column for a little paper, and has a blog. I subscribe to both. I really don’t know why I was shocked to hear she wrote a novel, she is an amazing writer! I will never be as good as her, but it is inspiring to know that she is published, and out there in the world! Book signings start soon and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it is going to be made into a movie.

This brings us back to ‘what the hell am I doing!’ Honestly, I really don’t know! Guess I will just have to sit back and let life surprise me!