3 Years


3 years. Already! And..only?

January 4th, 2015. That was the day I picked. It was a difficult choice, and my stomach was turning the entire time, but I did it. On that morning, Children of the Sun and Moon was released on Kobo. It was where I decided would be the best start for me. I knew more people who used Kobo, so I took the plunge, and published it on there.

Months later, I had it up on more eBook sites, and also decided to jump into print copies. All I can say is..WOW!

This whole ordeal has been quite the learning experience. I found out there are many people out there who offer up advice, all to make you look like an idiot. There are those who you think are helping make your work better, but they don’t. It has been a roller coaster in every aspect. Many times I considered just stopping, but the characters scream I must continue their tale.

Currently I am working on book 5 in this series. I will be using new editors, and from what I have seen I believe they might be the ones! Only time will tell.

The idea to stop still crosses my mind. There are more negative words than there are positive supporters, and it can wear. I plug on, and will continue too until the words stop filling my head. I no longer fear what will happen when the novel is ready for publishing. Instead, I hit publish, and focus on the next tale. With so many to be told, I can’t stop now!

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Do Your Thing


Yes I have rambled about this before, but it is something that bothers me.

Once again I heard the ridiculous comment “You’re doing it wrong”. (Ok, I read it on another’s post.) It pertained to the way a person wrote a mystery novella. I haven’t read it yet, but I can tell you this, they wrote it just right!

According to many, MANY, people and sites, there are rules you are expected to follow. It really annoys me. There is only your way. If you are confident, and comfortable, with how you do things, keep on doing it!

I will give an example that actually pertains to me. I hate indented paragraphs. I find they look sloppy, and make the paragraph have an unfinished feel to it. Apparently, indenting is the proper way to go. I say F. U. I like the spaces. It gives it a more finished look. I will always do it this way, and if that is the one thing you constantly find wrong with my writing, you have issues. My work has TONS more wrong with it!

Honestly, if you spend more time searching the “right way” to produce your manuscript, you have more to worry about. Ramble on paper. Let your muse flow. Don’t worry about how it looks, that is why you get another set of eyes to glance at it. However, stick to your guns about parts you really do not want changed. This is your work. You poured your life into it, so make certain you keep it yours. Follow your heart, but listen to your mind.

Do your own thing.

Tea and a Bagel with a Published Author


For the first time ever, I sat down with an actual published author. Yes I am a self published author, but it still gives you a sense of awe to be around someone who is traditionally published. Her name is Wendi Stewart. She has about a bazillion articles which can be found in a few places, but mostly in the Fort Frances Times. She writes a blog on WordPress, and has many short stories published. Today, however, was the release of her debut novel Meadowlark. (you can find it on many websites)

Published through NuWest Press, cover design by Michel Vrana and image is Birds of America by John James Audubon depicting meadowlark (hopefully this covers all legal stuff so I can use the image of the novel)


When we first get together, I already notice the similarities. Besides us both loving to write, we both like everything bagels, toasted, with plain cream cheese. I also notice she’s like a foot shorter than I am, but that’s been the case for like 25 years.

I should probably clarify something. This wasn’t an interview, it was lunch with my aunt.

My Auntie Wendi is this amazing author, and quite an inspiration. Right now she is headed out to do her book signing tour. If you happen to live in a town lucky enough to get her, GO SEE HER. I received a signed copy, and plan on spending tomorrow reading it. (hopefully my allergies let me focus!)

Our sit down didn’t last very long, but I’m very happy it happened! I can’t wait to read this novel, and all the ones I’m sure are to come!

Congrats Auntie, and remember to have fun!