My First Real Giveaway


I have done the odd giveaway through my Facebook page, but nothing that was promoted. Yesterday I launched a 2 week campaign on Goodreads. So far it’s gone better than I expected.

This giveaway is to win a free (somewhat advanced) signed copy of my newest novel, open to USA and Canadian residents. Click HERE to enter.

I say somewhat advanced, because if you live in the USA, you already have access to print copies on Amazon. That’s the problem with the print company I use. You can’t set a pre-order up. If you live in Canada, it shows that you can order it now, but will take time to get in. (Takes them 4 – 6 weeks to set it up – hence the somewhat advanced) The eBook version is available for pre-order, and will be released on June 15th.

I am really excited for this event, even though I’m not impressed with this novel. Every author has that one which there’s is just something they do not like. Apparently, this book is mine. LOL It’s still a good tale, and I hope many enjoy it.

As I said, it’s already doing better than I expected. I thought perhaps 100 people would enter in the 2 weeks. I’m already over that. So if no one else enters, I still hit the target I was hoping for.

So, click the spot above to enter, or just head over to my website. There’s a spot on the main page. (why not sign up for the newsletter as well…just hit the contact page and a pop up should annoy you)




Yes, I am a bit excited. Today the print copies of my book became available on Yesterday I noticed I had actually sold a Kindle copy too. Slowly but surely my novel is getting around. 😁

I love that more people are picking it up, especially because I don’t know who they are. I’ve gone through friends and family, now it’s onto strangers! Whomever you are, I hope you enjoy it! I also hope you review it. I really could use more reviews. They help me learn!

Sometime next week the rest of the world will be able to purchase print copies. I really hope to have one purchased outside of North America. Print or eBook, I just think it would be cool! I’m Canadian and so far most have been bought here. Hopefully more neighbours to the south pick up a copy.