Tomorrow I head to Manitoba for a family reunion. A bunch of those attending I haven’t seen in 21 years, some in less time, others I’m certain it will be the first time. It will be an interesting get-together, as reunions tend to be.

Funny thing is, I will be a stranger.

Not since I was a small child have I felt any connection to my family. I don’t know why, it just is. No support, or other ‘family’ like caring. I withdrew myself during this time, so we are all strangers. Little effort has been made to rectify the situation, nor do I feel there ever will be. Life keeps going. All you can do is make the best of what you have.

What do I have?

An amazing, supportive husband. 2 ridiculous and weird daughters, who are already on their way to being better people than I could never be. The ability to go wander the woods, and my writing.

My imagination has kept me sane for most of my life. I hope it continues to, right up to the end. After all, in the end you see the one constant in your life, was you. Cherish you!


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