A Thought…


Once upon an age..

Life was very different. Although people did not live in harmony, they still jpined together to fight off a bigger threat.

Wisdom was found with age, and speaking to one who had seen many decades was an honour. Now, shoving them in homes and making fun of them is the norm.

Children were of the land. Learning to walk among the trees, listening to what it had to say. They had an understanding of how things grow, and the importance of it, for all. They did not know selfishness.

“We must have progress or we die” they say. What has this brought? Anxiety and depression are at a high. More love is given to money and material things then to those who live. People will stab a close friend in the back for money, and throw others under the bus to make themselves look better. But if you see someone in need, or a wrong being committed? “Not my problem” comes from your lips.

This age is one of greed, believing you are owed something, and whining about it daily. Wanting what others have, just because. Our ancestors glare down at us, and wish we understood sacrifice, honour, and helping those in need without getting anything in return. (I’m speaking in a non military sense) They wish we understood what ‘community’ truly meant.

I wish I could see that age. Communities meant something. 

All I can do is dream of what it was like: once upon an age.


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