Today is a glorious day. The sun is once again bright in the sky, and I love the feel of its soft kisses on my cheeks. A north wind is making it cooler, but it is only April. I actually cannot believe it’s April 19th, and we have had such beautiful weather.

Some would call me a sun worshiper. I guess this is an accurate tag for me, as I do love to be outdoors. I don’t at all like heat, so on those scorching days, I can be found hiding under my gazebo, or inside. To me, scorcher is anything above 23C. Like I said, not a heat lover.

There is something to be said about gloomy days too. They can be serene, and cause one to reflect. Listening to the light pitter of rain on a window, or better yet, the loud crashes of thunder during a storm, are quite relaxing to me. I tend to find inspiration on gloomy days. Days which are grey reflect in certain parts of my stories. My writing isn’t linear. I tend to jump about when doing a rough draft, so gloomy days become interesting bits in a tale.

Have you every walked through a forest during a storm? I don’t mean a tornado, or other such silliness. Just your every day thunder storm. I find it to be an unusual experience, yet full of wonder. The trees sound as if they are challenging the wind to try and knock them down. If you are having trouble finding inspiration, for any part of your life, try it.

As I have said in many blog posts, I love this area I live in. Forest as far as the eye can see, a large body of water, full of danger and enchantment. A part of the Canadian Shield begins here, and it is a wonder all its own. Magic fills the area, yet few actually see it.

If you look hard enough at a sunbeam, you may see a fairy dancing about. A raindrop could hold a water pixie. You never know what you can truly see until you look with a whimsical eye.


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