Almost There


As always, when the end of the latest novel draws near, I like to post a little something. The final suggestions are being put forward, and I love what I’m seeing.

Yes, I said suggestions, not edits. It’s a me thing. Saying edit sounds like things are horribly wrong and it all needs to be fixed. That isn’t the case. Someone walks through your work, and gives you ideas on how to fix it. So, suggestions.

This can be stressful, especially if you are someone who feels you are just THAT good, there shouldn’t be so many issues. I expect at least one per page.

I find this time interesting. Somethings you see make you wonder if you are truly capable of doing this writing gig. No really, you will look at some suggestions and go: how the F did I miss that obvious issue! This is usually along with a face palm, or banging your head on the wall. Other times, you look at what they stated, try to put it in, but feel it won’t work, so you scrap it. You do not have to implement every thing given, but you do need to see if what they are pointing out is valid.

These next few weeks, yes weeks, should be crazy, stupid and fun. I will finalize the book, get things in motion, and put it out there to be judged by the masses. There will be a giveaway for this novel, so add more to my plate. The only down time you get is a deep breath before you open another file, and start all over again. It’s amazing!

So, while Mother Nature taunts us, as she tends to do this time of year, I will be attempting to finish up the latest in my series. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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