Telling A Tale


Many people have a tale in them they wish to be told. With stories like mine, you don’t have to start at the beginning. Sometimes, just putting your ideas down help get things rolling. Getting it all in order comes later.

Another issue most of us face, is the dreaded “real job”. Finding time to write when you have to go to work can be quite annoying. It is a sad reality, but one all of us has to work through.

When it comes to telling a tale which is based on real life, you take a different approach. As I said, with my type of story, you can jump all over. If you want to tell the story of your life, you must start where you feel is a good place to begin.

If you have ever read a biography, most are done in collaboration. Like I said, many of us have a tale to tell. Unfortunately, not all are equipped with the ability to do so. This is why you hire help. You can start by keeping a journal. If you are already years past where you think is a good place to begin your tale, just start writing. Open up a word file, and go!

Ramble on, spell things wrong, and forget punctuation. None of that matters. Get as much of your story down as you can, and keep it up. Once you have the basics, or even all of which you wish to tell, find yourself some help. There are many, MANY, writers out there whose only goal is to help clean up your tale, and get it out to the world. Make certain you get one who suits your particular tale. Don’t find just anyone, research! If you are wanting to go through a publisher, find one that likes to publish tales such as yours. Again, research! (yay for the internet)

So if you have a life tale you think could help others, get it out there! You never know whose life it might change.


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