I’m An Old Soul


First time I remember being called this I was about 10. Of course my reaction was “as if”, I mean I was 10! I can’t recall what I had done, but since then I have heard it a few times, and I 100% agree. I am an old soul.

Old soul, passed focused/oriented, all practically the same thing when it pertains to me. I’ve read many things on old souls, and although it doesn’t all fit me, most does. Different cultures have their version of an old soul, and I find all of them fascinating.

I guess I should clarify some of this. For some, and old soul is someone with an aversion to the here and now. I am not this type, and yet I am. I am not against technology. I love the fact that I can have a conversation with someone halfway around the world. Having the ability to write this blog is amazing. I never thought I would be able to annoy so many with my ramblings! However I do feel technology is killing us when it comes to what is in front of your face. I still barely converse with family or friends. Some part of this is because of being an old soul.

The one part that I do fit in with nicely, is the inability to understand the motives and thought processes of most people. I look at them like there is clearly something wrong with them over some things that come out of their mouths. Some, who I know personally, I really wonder about. I mean how they can be so educated, and so absolutely dumb!? For me, the answers are so simple, yet totally out of reach for certain people. I really do not get it.

Then there’s the whole progress deal. Yes, the world needs to move forward, but what people appear to forget is the fact that if you are moving forward, without making certain what you have right now is fixed, you really aren’t going anywhere. My main example for this is the need to build new, and yet have ridiculous numbers of homeless. Ignoring those with addiction issues, homelessness, and poverty is not progress, it’s avoiding the situation. We allow buildings to become derelict, and wait until they are so far gone they need to be knocked down. Cities own these after property taxes become backlogged, so why aren’t they turning them into something to help? Or donating them to charities who could do something with them? Why? Answer is easy: money. No city out there actually cares for its people, and it bothers me greatly. Yes, my old soul wishes for a simpler time. Greed has always existed, sadly, but when times were tough, people helped each other. I thank those who still do help others, and give without the need for acknowledgement.

My soul yearns for the days where people paid attention to their little part of the world. I get other places need assistance too, but I really believe that if everyone put more effort into their small community, the world as a whole would be a far better place.

I am an old soul, and love it. The world will continue to confuse me, but I’ve learned to deal with it.



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