Reading – Genre’s – blah blah blah


Couldn’t come up with an interesting title for this blog, so that’s what you get!

For those of you who have been following my constant ramblings, you know I write fantasy. As a kid, I read many different kinds of books, and some were fantasy. However, I loved mystery. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys; loved them! My sister was into Sweet Valley High, so I read all those too. Choose your own adventure were awesome as well, and it goes on.

I believe mystery was thanks to my Nana. She loved them! As I got older, I read Agatha Christie, and never figured out who did it. There was also Ellery Queen; those were wonderful reads. Even a few Sherlock Holmes crossed my path. I actually wrote a mystery short story in high school. When it was finished, I used it as fire starter. I didn’t do that because I thought it was terrible, I wrote it, read it, went ok now what, and burnt it. Don’t ask, it was how I work. (luckily I don’t do that So many different authors came through, but later in life, I got into fantasy.

I always lived in a fantasy world. Spent my summers at camp (for you non-NWO people, cottage or lake) Barely any technology, so you relied on your imagination to get you through the day. I remember walking through the woods, singing to the trees. Or days where I conversed with the wind, and listened to the bubbling song from the creek. The spirits of the earth are strong when you are away from the bustle of life. So easy to see the magic in the world too.

I don’t know many people who actually read fantasy. I also don’t expect them to start just because I write it. I do, however, wish those who bash it, and sci-fi, would give it a chance. The only genre I don’t like is romance, but I don’t go around ridiculing it. I’m aware it’s just not my thing.

So go and read, or imagine. Anything to spark your mind in a way your day to day life can’t. Amazing things can happen.


2 thoughts on “Reading – Genre’s – blah blah blah

  1. As you were describing your childhood I felt there were lots of parallels with my childhood. I played in the woods and imagined all kinds of things. I think in order to write fantasy a writer must have an extremely vivid imagination, to create another world, another reality to solve problems, to understand the human condition. You create that world. I don’t have that level of imagination. I write what I see in this world. We’re coming at the same question, but from different angles. And that is the beauty of creativity. I admire your imagination.

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