A Mug Of Tea


Another Friday has arrived, and with it comes my usual routine. Put on a movie for background noise, get out the laptop, and make myself a mug of tea. I actually have quite a tea obsession. I find it difficult to write without having at least one. Of course with my mug, one can last about an hour.

My mug for tea.

My mug for tea.

There is nothing like having a large mug of tea on a chilly winter’s night.

I don’t know why Friday’s are a productive writing night. It isn’t too rowdy around here during the winter, so perhaps this is a part of it. I was hoping to have all of Feb to be able to get caught up, but as always, life likes to be a jerk.

Normally I have plain old orange pekoe, but my children have a David’s Tea addiction so some days I experiment. It really has a lot to due with what I am writing. If it’s a winter scene, normal tea will do. When spring and summer come along, I change it up. Something citrus, or berry. Summer types I guess you could call them.

When all else fails, I go for a Timmies steeped tea. Roll up is on right now, so I should probably get off my butt, and scoop one up.  #CanadianPriorities


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