Wish I Could Hide In My World


Right now, I really do. Melarandra is at war in one area, and most others aren’t safe at all. In my world, however, it would be far easier to find a cabin in the woods, and hide out there. Here, people wonder where you went, and it turns into a big deal. Probably why I love to write. I can turn into a crazy recluse, and it’s all good.

Hiding in a cabin, in the woods…how wonderful that sounds. Strolling through the trees, listening to birds chirp. Or sitting by a stream, and hearing the soft babbling. Are they really birds? Or elves signalling your passage? What is the stream saying? Come take a dip, it will ease your soul. Then head home, curl up in front of a fire, and watch the flames dance. Warm cup of tea in hand, and perhaps a book, or paper to jot down your day. Better yet, a thunderstorm hits. The booming and crashing wakes your imagination even more, then passes leaving the soft drum of raindrops on the roof, lulling you to sleep. So many ways it can wake your imagination.

Oh to find that sense of peace, even for a moment. To only have to focus on the now, and not the future. What a wonderful idea that is!




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