Creating Melarandra


Creating a fantasy world is easy, and seriously difficult. It is an enigma, and I am having a groovy time with it. I wish I could remember how I came up with the name. As with most of the names, places, and even story ideas, I probably woke up at 3am and went “hey that’s a great idea!” Muses are jerks.

To make my world, I read up on things. Finally I decided it was a fantasy world, what is up with rules? My world does not follow our world guidelines. Why would it? It is a fantasy. I just went with what I thought suited the first story, and elaborated on that. My search engine is filled with ideas on torture, war techniques, and other things of the sort. Beginning the world was easy!

People though…ugh. In books based in our world, you can search out people and their families. I made mine up. Deciding to do the Order of Maget Trilogy (one year soon) made me have to go deeper than I had originally done. Royal families needed to be created back further than I was going to have listed. 500 years worth. They now have names, how long they ruled, and who succeeded them. With having 2 royal lines who can rule, it made it even more fun. Probably why I have it down to one now. Easier to follow! I also had to create the head of the Maget Order for the 500 span it existed. (Looking forward to writing the trilogy.)

I know how the bloodlines continue from where book 1 starts. Not all have names of yet. I tend to have those pop into my head at the strangest of times. Kind of like storylines. I will be writing and poof, how I will link it into a book 2 away from the one I’m doing. It’s crazy, and a lot of fun…ish.

Now it’s down to who dies, who lives, and who goes a little crazy because of it all. It really never stops, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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