Two Years


Two years ago 2015 had just begun. As with every year, no resolutions were made, just a hope that the year was good to everyone. One thing was different though. After many, MANY, weeks of “hmmm should I?”, I bit the bullet and published Children of the Sun and Moon.

That first edition wasn’t the greatest. I felt it was a failure, however, the story itself was found to be quite interesting to many people (now if they would just put up a review!) A second edition is now what you receive, and I find it to be much better. Still not perfect, but then again, it never will be.

I still cannot believe it has been two years. I was done the rough draft for book 2, and almost at the get someone to edit it stage when I finally said to myself “Why the F*** not!” I mean yes my heart and soul goes into my writing, so why not put it out there for the world to judge? Not a difficult choice at all! Now, I have done it with three novels, and a novella. Each time I publish, my gut wrenches and I feel like puking, while at the same time feel accomplished and proud to be doing it. (I know I am not alone)

Now, 2017 has begun. Another novel will be out in late spring, and I begin the process all over again. Love that I am able to do this!


The eBook version of Children of the Sun and Moon is free on most platforms. Check out my website for the popular links, or just see if it’s free on your favourite.


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