The Last Day


New Year’s Eve is here. I hope all who read this have an amazing 2017. 

What can you say about 2016? Well, many idols passed, more than average for my generation. Some don’t like the focus on celebrities, and if it’s never ending it can be a pain. However, you don’t know how the different celebrities changes some lives, so shut the fuck up, and don’t judge!

I lost a couple of ceebrities I really looked up to. All I can say is thank you for being you.

I also know many who have been regulars at the hospital, and people close to me have lost those they love. There is nothing new there. Each year we lose ones we care about. Either by death, or other means. A struggle we all face.

There were many positive things (for me) this year, and I like to push them to the front of my mind. Website up and running. Book 3 released (also novella). New followers on Twitter, and likes on Facebook. Camping and many fires. I love my simple life!

Now here we are. The last day. Personally, I’m ready for the new year. New evil plans, book 4 coming out, possibly attending a family reunion (with people who have far more talent then I ever will), and more outdoor fun! Life is groovy.


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