This is my 100th post. I saw it was right there, and decided to do one today. It’s my birthday you see, and so why not right!?

Found this in my clip art files. Cute.

Found this in my clip art files. Cute.

The hard part though; figuring out what to say!

Should I talk about how the past 100 posts have changed me? In a way they have. It isn’t something I can explain, but there is a sort of therapy involved with blog postings. Not many read my babbling, but it’s cool that some actually do!

This blog was more to ramble about my writing journey, so lets focus on that.

Being self published is very hard, and expensive, work. I really don’t understand the stigma still associated with indie and self publishing. It has changed a lot. I guess it’s that most people don’t realize just how much we have to put into it. I don’t just write my books, then put them out. Paying for images for book covers, putting them together..and don’t get me started on editors. (Not happy at all with Canadian ones, but am giving one more person a chance. After that, going outside the country.)

I’m working on the 4th installment in this fantasy series of mine. I am seriously behind on it. (Needing a job tends to get in the way of writing) Yes, I do set dates to have things accomplished. I don’t go ‘ya I’ll get it done and put it out eventually.’ I have a timeline.

As I said, this isn’t easy to do. It makes me happy to see so many taking the self pub route. I could rant about big publishing houses and their hype. Pushing terrible novels just to get them out there. We indie folk don’t get that kind of help.

Beginning of January, it will have been 2 years since I took the leap to publish. I have grown, and learned, more than I ever imagined, not to mention the amazing support I get. You may not like my novels, but I am going to keep writing, and putting them out there. Yes, more rambling blog posts are in the future as well.

Happy Holdiays
Merry Christmas
Blessed Yule
Joyous Kwanza
Happy Hanukkah


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