It’s A White Christmas…sort of


It is Dec 15th. The temperature this week has averaged -31 C with the windchill. Nothing odd for this area, but it does make it difficult for snow to fall. The cold makes writing easier, and not because people hide inside. For me, where I’m at in my novel it is winter.

A war is being fought, a dark creature is roaming about, and a quest is being undertaken. Some are at the front line, others back in the city to ensure the lands keep running properly. The small group off on another quest are travelling. This group go through many stages of winter like weather, followed by an ocean voyage. The fun never ends!

Christmas isn’t celebrated on my world, but they do follow the solstice. Many major events happen on the different solstices, so I guess you could say they lean more to pagan ideals. Normally the winter solstice is celebrated with lavish feasts, a homage of sorts to Christmas. The last few years the royal family has either been fighting a battle, or off on a quest, and as I stated, this year is no different.

Winter is always going to have a role in my novels. I don’t know why I feel to have all 4 seasons shown, and no it isn’t always in one book. I assume I feel the need to write this way due to where I live. Thunder Bay has beautiful seasons, even when it’s -31 C out. I just hope we get more snow within the next week. A little more insulation is never a bad thing.

Whether your Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, is white or green, I hope you enjoy it!


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