Holiday Commercials…


Normally this would be a rant about how terrible the commercials are this time of year. Promotion of unimportant things is at an all time high. They focus on the ridiculous, and try to make everyone believe they need to buy someone expensive jewellery, perfume or a vehicle to show people you love them. This year, however, I fell in love with a commercial.

Now, I hate Apple. Won’t go into detail with this, but they did something amazing with the Frankenstein holiday commercial. Every time I watch it I get teary eyed. It is a silly commercial, that speaks so much. It is the embodiment of the true meaning of this holiday season. If you haven’t see in, watch it! If you don’t see what I’m talking about, you are most likely one who cannot see past the end of their own driveway.

Enjoy your holiday season!!


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