Do you dance in the snow?


Do you dance in the snow? So many post about dancing in the rain, or even singing in the rain (love that movie), but do you ever dance in the snow?

If you are wondering, yes I do. My day job requires me to be outside regardless of the weather. Today it is windy and snowy, so as I work, I dance. If you happen to see someone dancing down the street today, it is probably me. My birthday is also this month, so loving the snow made it far more enjoyable. Doing this also helps me with my writing.

You may be curious as to how it could possibly help with writing. Well, what does dancing in the rain do? It gives you a sense of freedom, a little glimpse at being a child again, or even the ability to be silly in this crazy world we live in. All of this helps get me into the right frame of mind, allowing me to dive back into my little world.

Bundle yourself up, and go dance in the snow. Allow the cold air to remind you of how warm your heart can be. Let the snow envelope you in a tender embrace, bringing you back to the days of building a snowman, and the innocence you possessed. At this time of year, we sometimes need to be reminded of things like this.

So go, and dance in the snow.



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