That Time Of Year


It makes me smile to see the things being posted on social media. So many positive things. Such a change from the usual crap. Sadly, those who take things for granted still dominate, and create a negative vibe. I hope if you are reading this, you aren’t one of those types.

To clarify, those types refer to everyone who take their lives for granted.
Parents who whine that their child won’t be getting the hottest toy this Christmas. You know, the ones who complain to workers at places like TRU. Telling the employees how they have ruined their child’s Christmas because it isn’t in stock…3 days before Christmas. (I worked at Toys R Us in kids never received the hottest toy..I also didn’t give a crap if your child went without said toy)
The ones who complain about the cost of utilities, on their laptop at home, or on their phone at a coffee shop. I feel for you.  People don’t have electricity or clean, running water, and they aren’t the ones on social media complaining. Is it annoying that the cost keeps going up? Yes, but it’s life.
I could continue, but I’m certain you understand where I could go with this.

I don’t mind when people complain about the weather, but try and find something positive about that day too. It really isn’t hard. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, and see what’s around you.

Ranting when you’ve had enough about something is ok too. Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest. Just don’t continue to rage. Relax, and move on.

I guess what I’m getting at is that it is the time of year when you should be thinking of others, and not yourself. Try and turn a bad situation into something better. Smile at strangers, say hi, silly little things can change someone’s day. Wake up each day with a smile, and the idea that you will have an amazing day, even if it won’t even be close. Changing how you approach each day could make those days so much better.

I hope this silly post/rant makes some people think. I also hope that everyone who reads this has a great December. I’m certain you have earned at least one amazing day.



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