Advertising, Marketing And Trying To Write Book 4


Yikes. That’s all I have to say about this month so far.

I have finally begun to do some advertising. So far it hasn’t done much, but I’m hoping that things pick up. That being said, I’ve only done one thing. I expect once I expand, things with change.

I’m just not certain where to go from here. There are so many options, and as I wade through them, I am kind of becoming a little overwhelmed.

I try to read up on each one I find. Seeing peoples personal experiences etc. is helping a little. Going to be spending more time on this aspect, and hopefully I find things that will work for me.

Of course, I also have to finish this book. I need to have the draft and rewrites done by Feb. I might be self-published, but I set dates. Booking editing needs to be done in advance, so that helps with the push too. Balancing between looking into advertising, writing, and working all the time, is making me a little crazy. I really wonder if I’m going to be able to pull this off.

First step; prioritizing. Second is ignoring the silly things. I’m taking a break from real life, and focusing on my writing one. Day here and there might not seem like a lot, but in the long run I hope it can help.

I apologize now to all the people who will be getting pissed off by this. Hopefully you can bear with me as I figure out the next step.



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