I Love Fantasy


My world is fantasy, real and what I write. Going for a walk down a forest path, listening to all the sounds around you, is something out of a fairy tale. You can’t help but feel like you are a part of something magical.

I’ve always felt an attachment to the forest around here, the water, the earth itself I guess. That’s probably why when I was first introduced to fantasy novels, I fell in love with elves and dragons. Dragons soared high above the clouds, and dominated the skies. Elves were in tune with nature. The forest trees and creatures would come to them at a moments call, offering whatever they could.

If you have read my novels, there is a god known as the Earth Mother. Not an unusual or different character. Something like this pops up in many fantasy worlds. For me, it is like she explains my feeling since I was a child. That something lived in the dirt beneath my feet. Creating this sort of essence you could feel in the trees, a voice on the wind speaking to you. All these things I felt around me walking through the woods around my camp. (for you non-NWO people, camp is like a cottage, cabin or heading to the lake kind of deal)

Camp is where I found myself each summer. Explored new places, and felt closer to the world around me. It is where my love for fantasy truly began.



I feel very lucky to have had that kind of inspiration since I was a youth. I hope everyone who reads my novels feel as if they are a part of my silly little world, and find something that reminds them to believe in magic.


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