No I Do Not Have Any Awards


Book awards, I’ve been told, are something you are supposed to have. There are a lot of competitions out there, but sadly they are not for fantasy. The contest gods prefer heart wrenching, true story, romance, etc. Perhaps I should switch genres? (kidding..I love my genre)

If you Google contests, I would say 99% of the ones for my genre are a scam. I spent two entire days trying to find ones that were legit, and came up with pretty much nothing. They ones I could find were for local area entries, mostly areas in the USA. So all I can say is: seriously Canada?

Now I should clarify scam. It means that I can enter them how often and whenever I wish. So, if no one else enters, guess who gets first. Multiple categories, and all the like. They get my money, and I pay for an award. Yay.

I really don’t care about that kind of thing, but I thought it would be fun to see what kind of feedback I would receive from them. Guess I have to stick with harassing people to post a review. (seriously, would it kill you?!)

One day, I hope people realise how great the fantasy genre is. I’m kind of tired of it getting a bad rap. It might even lead to some legit contests, but I would be ok with acceptance instead of ridicule.

Fantasy is a real genre people.

Fantasy is a real genre people.


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