Childhood Book Memories


I don’t remember my first book, but I know I had many. One of my favourites was this one:

Inside it says: To Dawn, From Aimee, Christmas 1979. (all Aimee probably did was drool on it…she was a tad younger than me. Thank you Auntie Wendi)

I don’t remember when I first was able to read it by myself, but I did read it often. The image tells all. I read while eating, bathing, playing outside, you name it. It got to the point where I had the entire thing memorized! It is the only one I have from my childhood, and I’m happy I do. It truly was one of my favourites. Sesame Street were also a favourite. Monsters became friends, and have stayed that way.

There were always books in my house, and they were everywhere. My sisters and I were messy, but we did enjoy reading stuff. It was something I passed onto my own children. They are older now, and have their own collections, but some of the first ones they received are around.

The cover is tattered, dirty, and slightly falling apart, but Barney Beagle will forever hold a place in my heart. Thank you little dog for expanding my imagination, and helping me become the reader and writer I am today.


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