October: New Month, New Goals and New Imaginary Friends


October is here, and it came in with beautiful brilliance. The average temperature here this weekend was 20 C. Summer doesn’t want to let us go. I understand. I hear its call, demanding we keep our sun-kissed skin, and continue to play outside. It’s normal for us to get a few nice days in the fall, but this is Northwestern Ontario and we know better than to expect it to stay. We will continue to play outside, taking strolls, playing in leaves. Autumn around here is absolutely beautiful so it would be a waste to hide inside. When I am inside, I sit with a cup of tea, and try to write. My imaginary friends demand I continue their tale.

I live daily with imaginary people. I don’t usually talk to them out loud, but conversations do happen. My characters are always trying to voice their opinions on how they are being treated. I do my best to ignore them.

My goals change at this time, and I put more pressure on myself to achieve them. If I have to be inside, I should be productive. This month I have a few simple new ones. Outline a budget for promotion, and execute it. I still don’t want to be famous, but I really should actually do something in the way of promoting. Telling people on Twitter and Facebook just doesn’t cut it. (would be groovy if it did!) I’m taking suggestions too, so if you have something that works, feel free to state it! Comment on here, or go through my website. Either way, I will see it.

Daylight fades much quicker these days, so I try to enjoy every last drop I can get. My imaginary friends enjoy it as well, especially the ones whose wedding is being planned. They feel it’s coming along nicely, and I’m happy to be of service to them.

I hope you all live in a place where you can enjoy autumn. No matter your weather, it is a great time of year.


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