It All Started With An 8 Track


Childhood memories flowed when a conversation over 8 track players came about. It was random, and fun. Remembering the days of old is always an interesting time.

My grandfather had an 8 track player, and we listened to country regularly out at camp. (the cottage or cabin for you non-Thunder Bay types) I am not a country fan, but the really old stuff reminds me of my youth. I can still sing along to some stuff, which is scary.

The conversation went from 8 tracks to tapes. Discussion about the first one given, or bought, who influenced choices, etc went on forever. One thing for certain, music was a huge part of my life.

I had a record player, that was just mine. Had it in my room, and played whatever I was given. When I got older, I borrowed ones from the library. It was the greatest thing ever.

My family is also musical. My grandmother could play the piano like she was born knowing how. My father can play a few instruments too, so song was always around. I can’t help but feel that this is why I have such a strong urge to write.

Hard rock, metal and classical are genre’s I play as often as I can. Some even think that they all match up well with fantasy writing. I can’t disagree, because I love the music, and I love to write. Both are a passion I have no intention of moving away from.

So, you never know what direction a conversation can go, or what memories it will bring to the surface. For me, I hope it continues to happen.



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