You Don’t Have To Start At The Beginning


Right now, there is someone out there with an amazing story idea in their head. Sadly, they haven’t put it to paper (or computer file) because they don’t have how it starts. This is why a first draft is called a rough draft.

I like to have a notebook handy. In it, I jot down all the ideas I have for the novel I want to write. Right now, I am working on the 4th book. My notebook has about 8 pages of blurbs. Nothing is set to flow, they are just ideas. How I always begin a novel, is I write the first idea down. Now, the first chapter may just say “I want it to start about here with this”, and that’s it. If my idea is how people meet, or a scene with conflict, I write it. Usually this first idea gets moved about. I will move it to the middle, more to the end, and back again. Right now it doesn’t really matter where it sits, this is the rough draft.

Don’t get hung up on beginnings and endings. I usually have an idea of how I would like to end the tale. This changes as well, because the story itself evolves over the many rewrites and edits. As your write your story, more things will come out and perhaps what you have a the start doesn’t work anymore.

What you write down right now doesn’t have to be the beginning of the actual story, it just needs to be a start. Trust me, more ideas will follow, and when you finally have it all said and done, it will look nothing like it did when you began.

So go, right now, and jot down your idea. You will be happy you did.


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