Time For Myself


Too often we forget to take some time for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be ‘alone time’, which a lot of people think I mean. I have a part-time day job, but of course spend far too much time in front of a laptop. So, I like to take some ‘husband, kids, friends, and yes sometimes, alone time’.

I’m a writer, and because I’m just starting out, I’m not a huge success. Some days I feel terrible for spending so much time on the laptop, when I could be doing something more productive. (I don’t ever expect to be a household name, but do see myself being able to just write in about 5 – 8 years from now. A lofty goal, and I guess we will just have to wait and see.) I know focusing on my writing will only make me better, but sometimes I find it hard to justify. When the urge to stop gets strong, I know it’s time to step away for a moment, and do something else.

This past weekend was Labour Day. In my area, it usually means hot days, and cold nights. So what do I do? Go camping. My tent was freezing at night, but the days were nice, and the fire very warm. My husband, and only 1 kid, had a great time. It was nice to wander about. (yes the inspiration this area can show has given me an idea in a book)

You can see much in something as simple as a flower.

You can see much in something as simple as a flower.


Kakabeka Falls. Sorry it isn’t a better shot.


Taking time is different for all. Sometimes you forget what you once loved; the little things which relaxed and gave you a smile. Try and remember.
Smell flowers.
Find the serenity in a breeze moving through the trees.
Listen to a brook babble.
Read an old favourite.
Go for ice cream.

I already did some this weekend, the rest I am going to make time for this month.



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