Trying to inspire, and learning to breathe


If darkness is all around you, be the light.

I used a variation of this in my last novel, and it was something we all seem to forget. The only one who can dispel darkness, is you. You can try and help others find their own inspiration. Hope they can get past dark times, and find their own light. Just remember to not get yourself lost along the way!

You could be someone who is struggling. Life, love, work. All of these can drain you, and let darkness creep in. Funny thing is, there is a very simple way to bring back some light. It isn’t anything that costs money, or some pill to take the problems away. It’s magic everyone possesses.

5 deep breaths.

Don’t scoff at the idea. It is far more powerful than you know. I am a writer, and when things get to a point that I am uncertain how to continue, it can begin to drag me down. Life can also bring difficult times, and I wonder if there is a point to what I am doing. Why even bother to continue this long journey. To push the thoughts down, I start with a very simple thing. I look at my previous books, and remember how amazing I felt at the completion of each one. Then I  take 5 deep breaths. Not shallow, quick things, but 5 long inhales, and long exhales.

Find something that brings joy to you. Make certain it’s something that will remind you of a calm time, or joyous occasion. Focus on it, and breathe. Sometimes just once works. Other days, it can be something you find yourself doing every hour. There is no maximum. Do it until you feel a little better.

I know there are some whose lives are at their worst. They can no longer feel love in their heart, nor can their souls hold light. Try it anyway. Perhaps focusing on something that once brought you joy can help begin a new chapter in your life. (remember to breathe)

When it comes to life, and to dreams:
Never give up.
Never make excuses.
Instead, just breathe.


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