Another Thank You


I do not know who you are, but thank you. I see numbers on a screen, and I connect with many on Twitter and Facebook, yet I do not know you. You are the reason I write. My inspiration, dedication, and all it entails. Without your words, I wouldn’t know what needs to be fixed, or what actually works.

You are a reader, and sometimes a fan.

It’s kind of funny. I’m a writer, but I find it difficult to put into words how much my readers/fans mean to me. The input I receive helps more than you can know.

Constructive criticism is my favourite ‘negative’ feedback. (it is seen as negative by some, but not me) I love when things are pointed out, and it doesn’t focus on things like spelling (I’m Canadian, my spelling is different). I don’t like when it just says something like ‘this sucks’. Or those who give low stars, and no info. Say something!

So I thank you. I thank you for reading, for giving feedback, and for making me better!


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