Taking Time To Enjoy A Hummingbird


Here we are. Summer is coming to an end. Crisp nights are already upon us here in my little neck of the world. I love it. I love the cool nights, and mornings. Having a tea in my little sanctuary when it’s sunny and cool is my idea of perfect. The flowers are still blooming, because we don’t create delicate ones here. They are bred to survive the strange weather we have.

And then there’s the hummingbird.

Some years they are about like mosquito’s. Flitting around, and causing chaos to those trying to throw horseshoes in my yard. This year was relatively quiet. I still don’t have a feeder, which is part of the problem. I also never have the same annuals planted, so the hummingbirds come and go. Today, one decided it was going to investigate my entire yard.

He enjoyed the flowers still in bloom, but appeared to prefer the roses which are once again gracing my yard. I couldn’t get a picture of my visitor, for he moved about to much. (I believe he was camera shy)

Watching a hummingbird is exhausting, and makes me wish I had that kind of stamina. They are beauty, and perfection, and a joy on the ears, when there’s only one. Sadly, a little breeze swirled through my yard, and it was gone. Now all I can do is remember, and hope he visits again.

Stop and smell the roses is a great idea. (Especially if you are a hummingbird.)


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