I absolutely suck at making maps, but as a fantasy writer they are a necessity. Ok, to me they are. Plus, I love them! Some are so detailed that you feel like you could get lost in one. I like the basic ones. The ones that show you certain areas, but don’t give away all.

I know, maps are supposed to be detailed. You should know every step of the journey. Not me. Just enough to give me an idea of the area is good.

This all being said, I did do a doodle of my world. The parts that are known by now at least. These areas are the main focus of everything I will be writing. It isn’t completely labelled. I am fiddling with areas still, but it gives you an idea.

Map of Melarandra

Map of Melarandra

Eventually I will have an amazing map. Many of them, actually. One for each area, and one large. Not certain if I will be able to figure it out myself, or if I will have to hire a pro. Either way, it will be done!

(time to win the lottery)


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