My 1st Real Review


Yes I have a few reviews, but as with all those starting out, they are from people I know. Although they tell you it’s an honest opinion, I don’t believe it for a moment! (Sorry guys)

Now I have a review from a complete stranger. I am actually a little giddy about it. A 

I assume, reviewer,  you are American. I have no idea the kind of person you are, but I did peek at other reviews you have posted. You seem to be fair in your assessments. Thank you!

I rant about not getting reviews, so what’s next for me? Do I stop, or whine more? Decisions need to be made..apparently. It was a good review, of which I am overjoyed to have received. I do not expect the trend to continue. In fact, I’m prepping for an onslaught of terrible ones. (I just hope they are constructive) I will relish them regardless of the star amount. Any insight into my work is welcome.

Once again, thank you first reviewer. You have no idea how happy you have made me. I hope you continue to enjoy the series.


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