People Just Don’t Get It


People not understanding others is the way life works. I focus more on the different art forms. However, this blog is about writing, so today it will be about me.

What I am getting at, is writing. I have a Twitter account in which I follow mostly other authors, and many have posted about this. Family and friends just not understanding this whole writing deal, and for varying reasons. Some can’t create anything to save their life, so they feel you are wasting yours. Others failed, or gave up, and are jealous. My favourite are the advice givers. They can be alone, or either of the two I mentioned above. They think you are wasting your life, so try to help get you away from this crazy idea. The ones who made the attempt, and I can only think that once they realized how hard it was to actually do it they gave up, try to get you to change how you do things. Then there is the kind who have no understanding at all about this whole writing deal, and feel they can give input on every aspect of it. Although you are fine to have your opinion and ideas, you aren’t a writer, so please do shut up.


Don’t know who created this meme, but thanks.

It may be harsh to say this, but it’s true. You don’t get it. Yes your job may be difficult, and the things you do to achieve work wonders for you. Why do you assume they will work for others?

I do not need to attend workshops, writing clubs or any of that kind of stuff. It’s not me, so I would hate every moment I was there. The way this works, kids, is trial and error. If you are the kind of person who requires constant support to keep motivated, by all means go to workshops and clubs. Do what you need to do!

If you would like to support me, just offer words of encouragement. If you can’t do this; stay silent. You can follow my Facebook Page. Share the things I post, or like them. Follow me on Twitter and retweet stuff to your followers. That is the kind of support I like. Even better, write reviews when you have read one of my books. (always comes back to this eh)

It’s easy to support others, and keep your mouth shut.

Trial and error. I find what works, and quickly find what doesn’t. One day it will all mesh together.


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