Some ponderings


My ponderings about my writing world are going to be off, just bear with me. Eventually you will see where I’m going.

August is here, already, and I am not prepared at all. My goals for July got pushed back (summer does that), and reality is a jerk.

A blog that I read recently, posted something that reminded me of a few things. How much I love being an indie author is big on the list. How much I hate big name bookstores, is next.

I am going to be bad, and use names. I cannot stand Chapters. (I am Canadian, so that’s the name we are going to use today)When I have to use their store, I try to do it online, and send it to Coles just so I don’t have to deal with their employees. My novels will never be found there. (you can get the Kobo version though)

Yes, I once loved the idea of so many books in one place. I used to be there constantly, and then I noticed things. New releases, once upon a time, were what greeted you. Now, it’s whomever is paying the best. You have a big name publisher, you will be featured out front. As a customer, you see so many recommendations for this novel by practically the entire staff. Because all of them are hired based on the fact that they read the same genre. When a new bestseller from said publishers comes out, they must hire new staff. They all seem to agree it is the best they have ever read!

Seems legit.

Then there are book clubs. Ugh. Yes, a celebrity recommendation is what you should base your reading choices on. Heaven forbid you go out on your own, find something you like, and talk about that novel your friends. Celebrity “diamond in the rough” choices are designed that way. Some were big sellers years ago, and the publisher wants to revamp. I do not for a moment believe celebrities aren’t compensated for their plugs, especially if it’s the newest thing.

(Please note: If you create your own book club, and come up with your own ideas, GROOVY. If you follow the lead of a celebrity…boring)

This brings me back to my pondering. I am behind in my writing, and it’s no big deal. I do set dates to follow, so I will have a crunch time if I don’t get my butt in gear. But I can do that. Having a publisher would be ok, if they followed my rules, instead of me having to follow theirs. It would be nice to have help with promoting, and finding those people who like to give reviews. (yes that again) I wouldn’t want my novels pushed in a major store. I wouldn’t want them to pay for space, or any of that nonsense. So I guess I would need a little guy. Kind of like the bookstores I enjoy going into. (love used bookstores)

Enjoy your August.


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