The Many Distractions


The many, MANY, distractions.

Summer is in full swing, and I’ve barely made a dent in the rough draft for book 4. I have done pages of outline, character development..that sort of stuff, but little actual writing. There’s been many rainy days, which turned into seriously hot days, and I still accomplished little.

Too many distractions, and guilt.

My house, like many people’s, needs work. So I try to do little things. I work on the yard, when it isn’t too hot. Go for walks to enjoy the cooler days. Of course there’s the usual. Laundry, shopping, cooking, blah blah blah. You get where I’m coming from.

Bbq’s with friends, my annual horseshoe tournament and working on the house fill the weekends. My garden inspires, and distracts. It’s a never ending cycle!

Then there’s the guilt. I cannot justify sitting on my butt and writing for hours. You see, my day job is only through the school year, and has very little hours. I feel guilty sitting and writing. Some call me strange, but it’s how I feel. To compensate, I write a lot at night. Getting little sleep is worth it right now.

August is approaching, and will be just as crazy. Still, my goal is to be done the rough draft by Sept. Not idea how I’m going to pull it off. Should be interesting at any rate!

On the plus side, the website is almost done. Yay, one thing accomplished. 

If you are a beginner at this writing gig, take heed. Distractions are everywhere!


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