So why do you write…fantasy?


In my normal day to day life, this doesn’t get asked much. Most people don’t even know that I write, but when it does come up, I sometimes cringe. (usually I get asked this through Twitter or a Facebook message)

Why? Quite simple really; the responses.

Person: So what do you do?
Me: Some days, I write.
Person: Oh, that’s interesting. Why kind of things do you write?
Me: Fantasy novels
Person: -blank stare- Oh…

I’ve been asked if I write fantasy because they make good movies. NO. I write fantasy because I love the genre itself. I got hooked in my teen years, and wanted to be a part of it since then. If I wanted to make easy money I would write something that is part of popular culture.

People can be strange beings. I read every genre, but romance. I find those novels to be terrible. I don’t go around insulting those who do read it, and write it, so why is it ok to slam Fantasy and Science Fiction? (Sorry, makes me angry)

Why do I write in this amazing genre? I can make the most beautiful atmosphere, or the darkest.

I love creating places and people. Making magic how I want it to be, changing creatures to be what I think they should be, and of course the best part; naming towns, inns and taverns. (trust me, this is what everyone loves to do) I have pages of different names for characters and places. Some days that’s all I accomplish. (sad, but true) I have a lame little sketched map of where things are, and love just looking at it. (hoping to have a real one made up)

What I am most looking forward to, is people creating things for me. Below is the inspiration for Demosidrandor. It is a ceramic piece painted for me by a friend. (I fiddled with filters to make it look this way) I really hope to have artists create other creatures, characters and places. Aiming for local, because I like to support them, but not ruling anything out! Not in the budget right now, but one day!!


If you like to draw fantasy things, maybe one day you and I should talk. (

I will never discourage anyone who is creating something artistic. Some may not be for me, but I won’t ever insult you for trying!

Feel free to wait until the movies come out for my books. (will be quite a while) I actually don’t want that, but once I’m dead who knows!




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