A Small Thing, But It Means So Much


What could mean so much? Ratings and Reviews!

When I started this crazy journey, I knew there would be many ups and downs. I expected there to be many obstacles, and figured I would be feeling terrible a lot. I am still new at this, but have learned a lot and feel far more confident. If you had told me the hardest part of this whole deal would be procuring ratings and reviews, I would have laughed my ass off at you.

Really? Hard to get reviews? This is the internet age! People are constantly posting their opinions on EVERYTHING. It will be easy to get reviews. *sigh*

Sadly, it is the hardest part. Well, at least for a self-published person. Traditional publishing does a lot for you in that respect, but as the years go by, I see it becoming a pathetic institution that is in serious need of a reboot. But this isn’t why I’m rambling today.

In the beginning, it was mostly friends and family who read my first novel. I don’t know why they won’t review my work. I want honestly, not lies. I won’t ever learn and grown if I’m not told the truth. Book 1 was terrible, editing wise. It went through a minor change, and although it’s far from amazing, it is a lot better.

In the last few months I have had a huge jump in Kindle downloads in the USA. I freaked when I saw it happening, cause I am Canadian, and don’t actually have many friends in the USA. I just wish you guys would review it. Or at the least give it a rating. In Canada, I have 1 review on Kindle.

Ratings and reviews are an important part of learning. Every week I am finding something new out, and it helps me improve on my writing. I expect to have a lot of negative reviews, once they start coming in, and that’s ok. I just hope you write something constructive to help me see your point.

So PLEASE, if you have read any of my books, rate them! If you are so inclined, add a little blurb to it too!


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