Why Can’t You Conform!?


Just cause.

If you have been following me on my Facebook Page, or even on Twitter, you will have noticed I have been posting about not following rules, etc. I never intended to go my own way, it’s just how anything artistic should be done. For some odd reason the writing world is way behind on this concept. (especially if you go the traditional publishing route) To make my point, there are 2 things I do not follow, and were pointed out to me after my first book published.

First, I don’t indent. This is one of those strange things that I do. Indents make me think of school. If I’m reading a book that’s moving to slow, or is written bad, I begin to compare it to a school textbook. No idea why, but it is something I do. Spacing is allowed, but most conform and go the indent route. (I had books so old they did an indent AND a space between paragraphs..the horror!)

Second, margins. This is another weird quirk of mine. I hate reading words that are hyphenated, when they aren’t supposed to be. I took a class, back when computers just came out, and we had to use a justified margin, but had to go through the entire document and put in extra spaces to ensure there were no hypens. This was embedded into my brain, and I can’t seem to shake it. Sorry guys, but I highly doubt I will change that.

Since the first book, I have received much advice. Pretending to be American is my ultimate fav. I will never do that. Sorry. Most advice has been helpful, but some I just don’t understand. Other stuff is clearly just some jerk pretending to know stuff, and hoping idiots will fall for it.

Sadly for all, I highly doubt I will ever conform to many of the writing rules. No readings, no boring book signings at a big name book store (although I would do it at a small one), and most of all no wine meet and greets (what is with that anyway).

You having some weird fantasy party in your backyard; I will sign books at that. Strange event happening? I’d go there. Beer and cheese tasting with a rock band playing; absolutely!!! Hockey, baseball or football game would be fun, but I would probably ignore everyone and watch the game. (also, if you live in Thunder Bay and bought a book online, I will sign it for you anytime)

Any advice given for marketing and promoting, I will take. Just beginning to wade through the options, and would love to hear ideas people have. Hoping to actually do something in this area starting in the fall.

Other advice, sure. Send me what you have, and I will decide if it’s worthy of applying. Just don’t tell me to keep the fact I am 1st-a fantasy author and 2nd-Canadian secret. I won’t change that for anything!



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