The Supporting Cast


I thank all of my supporters. You are the readers, editor, reviewers (although you need to put that shit online, not just tell me), friends and family. You share links, have purchased books you will never read, and even talk about my stuff to others. Yes, I have heard about a few who are slamming me, but that is there problem. I have enough positive feedback to push that kind of thing aside. I am nothing without any of this.

I do have a #1 supporter; Jason. My husband. He doesn’t read my stuff, and actually feels guilty. He isn’t a reader at all, so it makes me chuckle when he tells me he really needs to read my stuff. He does, however, push me. On days I get lost in my writing, I tend to forget little things. Starting supper, finishing laundry, etc. He works 10+ hours, and will come home, move the laundry over, and ask me how much I had written at that time. He knows the story, and what is to come. I actually get his opinion on some ideas. Yes, Jason has influenced a few things in the books. If not for him, I wouldn’t have put out my first novel, and wouldn’t even try to continue the series. So you can all harass him for the constant posts about the novels to come. I’m ok if you want to blame him.

Again, thank you. Thank you for reading my novels. Thank you for supporting me and this crazy idea. I feel giddy, blessed and freaked out all at the same time. Thank you for that too!


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