Here I Go Again


Book 3 – Shard of the Fallen Goddess, is now available. I’m excited, as always, to find out how people feel about it. This one has quite a bit going on, and I hope it doesn’t come across as a jumbled mess. It’s been ripped apart and rearranged, and I find the flow to be what I had hoped.

ShardcoverClick Here To Buy eBook or Printed

This story takes you to different areas of Melarandra. You meet new people, find new enemies, and even see a fight or two. It’s more a story to finish up the journey Koral and Eric have been on, although it isn’t the end. Already book 4 is in the works, with 5 and 6 laid out. I tell ya folks, this series is going on for a while.

Another hope for this one, is more feedback. I understand people might not like it, and for some reason feel stating that will bother me? It won’t, especially if there is a reason behind it. You are also welcome to just rate it with no text at all. Anything is actually quite helpful. I sound like a broken record, but this is something I will continue to harass people to do!

FYI – I already think it’s crap. 🙂


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