Writing Journey


A little over a year ago, I took the plunge. My 1st novel had been sitting around for quite sometime, and I was already doing rewrites on the 2nd. I researched until my eyes crossed, and when I figured out what I wanted to do, went full steam ahead. I was naïve about the whole editing side, but that is slowly improving. In fact, book 1 is now going through a revision to fix most of the mistakes. (yay)

On July 10th, book 3 will be released. I know, 3 novels and a novella in over a year. They must be terrible! As I said above, book 1 was completed for a while, and book 2 well into rewrites when I published #1. Now, I’m on a schedule to put one out about every 10 months. Work and life make it difficult to speed that up, but my hope is to one day do nothing but write. (every writers dream)

I’ve noticed the stages of writing have remained consistent throughout each book. I’m certain every writer goes through things almost the same, but I’m going to give you an incite into my journey.

1st stage is the rough draft. This is where you write whenever possible, and once done, question your ability. I always have a few chapters that are nothing but a paragraph telling myself what I want in it. Others, I wrote half asleep and they start well, but end with something like ‘and then she went and did stuff at that place with the guy’. Not kidding. So yes, questioning ones ability happens A LOT in this stage.

Next, for me, is going through it quite a few times to rewrite, expand and do a few edits. I don’t bother with grammar at this point, unless it’s really bad and staring at me. This is usually the point when way too much detail is added. To me, that is a necessary step. I like to see in ridiculous detail, what I want to get across to the reader.

We come to the 1st round of edits. Grammar, structure, etc, is done here. I once again begin to question my ability. You will see me refer to the manuscript as total crap on a regular basis.

Revision, fixing, repeat. Question sanity, wonder if it’s worth it, and go back to the beginning.

Now things are beginning to come together, and you start to believe you are actually capable of stringing together words that make sense. That is, until the final editing.

No sleep, edit, edit, drink a lot of tea, wonder your place in the universe. Once again question your sanity (you will be talking more to yourself than before), excitement begins to build and finally, you finish.

Wait what? I’m finished? It’s probably still crap, no one is going to like it, but when I do the final read through, I wonder. Perhaps people might actually like this one.

Publish, and call it crap by the end of the day.

This is pretty much exactly how things go for me. If you follow my Facebook, you see it all the time. Book 3 is almost at the end, and I’m excited. I really hope people enjoy their 3rd trip to Melarandra.

For more information, and links to the books, check out my website.


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