A whole year already!


Apparently today is my one year anniversary on here. So for an entire year now I have been boring everyone with constant babble. I’m trying to reflect on the past year, but am finding many things are distracting me.

Right now, as dark clouds roll in, my husband is building a patio to put our new gazebo on. As I watch, I keep thinking about how much I am going to love sitting on it, my laptop in front of me as I type away at the next adventure I am sending my characters on. I also keep thinking he needs to hurry up. (if we had another working drill, I would be helping) My characters love going on adventures, even if they are reluctant at the start. Such is the way of life though. Each day is a new adventure, you just have to find it. I am planning on an entire summer of adventures, most with my characters, but others in real life. Just have to wait in see what life has in store!

I am also distracted by the devastation happening in northern Alberta, and by the fact that a fire zone has been declared north-west of me. This year feels like it is going to be a bad one for fires. I hope an end comes soon for those suffering in Fort McMurray.

The past year I have mostly rambled about my writing, but have had a few ranting blogs. I hope everyone has enjoyed them, and hope you continue to read them. I’m not here to get a bagillion shares or follows or anything like that. I’m here to amuse, and hope you feel a little inspired.

Enjoy you day!



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