Spring Writing


I’m not certain why, but I find myself coming up with new ideas more often in the spring. Perhaps it’s because spring is a time for renewal. Many people set new goals, most being weight loss ones that weren’t kept as a resolution. I like to plan my writing.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous as of late in my crazy northwestern Ontario part of the world. I spend a lot of time outside, and all around I find inspiration. My 3rd novel is almost complete, and now I need to decide what to do next. The 4th novel is already laid out, but then I have 2 trilogies, as well as a few little novels, that I want to write. I need a clone. All take place in Melarandra, but soon ones will happen that don’t have anything to do with the characters everyone knows now. (Well, those who have actually read the books know anyway. The rest of you have a basic understanding due to my repetitive ramblings on here.)

Have you ever just sat outside and stared at the clouds going by? It was something many of us did as kids, but I recommend it in adulthood. Sometimes you need to get back to the basic life you had as a child. The innocent ideas and silly games, how I miss them. Of course I have the maturity level of a cat, so I still do all these things. However, not as much as I should.

As a fantasy writer, I get to play make-believe. I have imaginary friends, and yes they do tell me to do stuff. Mostly it’s not to kill them off, but sometimes they just have to go. (especially the yappy ones) I believe in fairies, elves and dragons. I can listen to a creek pouring over pebbles and hear a story being told, or a song being sung by the wind blowing through the trees. Flowers whisper their secrets to me when I’m laying among them.

Get out an enjoy spring, you may be inspired to do something amazingly creative!

My World – come visit!


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