Early Mornings Can Be Inspirational


Honestly, I would rather be sleeping at 5:30 am. Sadly my job sometimes requires me to have a car. Those days, I’m up to drive my daughter to work.

Today just happened to be one of ‘those days’.

As I sat in the car waiting for her, the falling full moon hung low in the sky. It had a few whisps of cloud around, but otherwise the sky was clear. It was a beautiful sight, and got me thinking about night skies in my stories.

After dropping her off, I could see red on the horizon. I love seeing the sun stretch its firey fingers as if it’s grasping at the night sky like it’s a blanket needing to be taken off. ‘My turn’ it says, and tosses the blanket aside. This sky reminded me that one character is on a quest across unknown waters. Red skies are a warning from the gods to tread cautiously on the seas. Or in my small town, sailors take warning. I’m a fantasy author, have to make it weird and/or dramatic. Not to would be boring!

As annoying as being up early can be, I do look forward to some of ‘those days’.


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