Butterflies, blue skies and tearing eyes


My day job requires me to work outside. On days like yesterday, we hit 18 C, it can be amazing. In winter, being that I live in Northwestern Ontario, not so much. Yesterday was perfect, and I saw 3 monarch butterflies. Seeing them flit about, trying to fight the wind, put a smile on my face. Spring was at last arriving. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that a blizzard could happen. Mother Nature likes to toy with us.

The blue skies had me plotting things in my head while I worked. New settings for the 4th book, how I could have it flow, as well as coming up with who could die. That kind of fun. It’s strange how being outside on a beautiful day, with a south wind gusting all about you, can put you in a creative mood.

Of course that brings up the tearing eyes part. Well, some days I have allergies. So while I was working, admiring butterflies, plotting deaths, and having the wind kick up the dirt that is still about, my eyes decided to water. Such is life, but it can throw a damper on the ideas going through my head. Luckily I was working close to home and was able to write everything down as soon as I arrived. I proceeded to go outside and sit in my backyard to enjoy the day. Yes I am a glutton for punishment.

Today is going to be just as nice, and the wind is supposed to be light. Lake Superior likes to make us believe that, so we shall see if it allows that. I plan to think some more, and maybe get some work done. Nice days tend to distract me, so we will see!


2 thoughts on “Butterflies, blue skies and tearing eyes

  1. The Devins Network

    Ah the Lake Superior brings such majesty to our country…but butterflies in April…wow that is amazing


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