Today, my oldest daughter turns 20. I still can’t believe how much time has gone by. Some days I feel like it was lost, but most days I look back and reflect on it all. Many bad times, and many good times. All made me what I am today.

20 years…wow. I was in the hospital. We had received more snow, but when I left three days later, most was melted. That’s spring in Canada for you! 4 years later, I began writing my first novel. It bothers me to think that I wasted so much time not pursuing it, but again, the past.

I sit here today, and look back on my daughters life. She was a pain, and a help. It was all good until she learned how to talk. Once that happened, I wondered how I could contact gypsies. Some days I still do! When her sister came around, she was the mini-mommy. Always trying to help me out. That hasn’t changed. She is a brat, and most likely always will be, but still a good kid. Yes, I said kid. Even though she is no longer a teenager, she is my kid, and will stay that way. Even my husband calls her that, and he’s the step parent. Much easier for him to change to calling her an adult, or woman, or any of those strange words I will never say, but he doesn’t. I assume it’s for my sake. 🙂

It will be no time at all before she leaves my home. (I hope) So I guess I need to embrace this time. By embrace I mean hide from her cause she’s that strange.

Happy Birthday Korraya.



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